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Shellphone: A Breach Podcast

A podcast that gives the ocean it’s very own hotline. Tune in monthly to hear from an array of activists, scientists, leaders, and professionals, who on behalf of the ocean, will discuss ways to preserve and rehabilitate our home.


Artivism (activism using art) is a way to use the creative mindset combined with the impactful nature of art to create something outstanding. The heart of this initiative is the transformation of plastic debris collected during rehabilitation efforts into unique pieces of art. 

This innovative concept not only demonstrates the power of artistic expression but also serves as a powerful tool to raise awareness about the pressing need for ocean conservation.

Advocacy can't be done alone.

At times advocacy can make us feel as if our heads are below water.

Breach is a community of ocean connoisseurs, who’s mission is to lift one another up, above water, so we can tackle large conservation issues as one.

How will you Breach? Use the form to tell us what opportunities most interest you.

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Every donation to Breach contributes to our prevention an rehabilitation initiatives to help restore marine environments.​

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